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“The Story of Stuck”

The most common threat to any individual at work, home, in a relationship or in their own career progression; is the feeling of being stuck...

We hate to admit it, will persistently deflect, distort, oppose or reject the concept. "Them not me" "I'm fine"

Reality always hits at some stage including those who hide best. The superior. The infatigible. The strong independents. The 'leaders'

The story attached outlines an analogy we live by daily and the truth behind all the counselling, psychotherapy or 'tick-box' mentoring people imagine is the 'quick fix' to their issue.

These are the people I genuinely love working with and beside. Recreating the life they want, at home, work, in a relationship, in themselves.

Many years ago I came across the analogy of a lobster washed ashore on the rocks

The lobster arrived with the full tide & found a comfortable rock

The tide went out, the lobster remained

Instead of turning as it is capable & moving back to the water to breathe, swim, flourish, the lobster remained dry, uncomfortable, in pain

All the lobster needed do was turn & move to where it flourished

Instead it remained in pain, frozen, stubborn, ignoring opportunity

As individuals when we are faced with painful situations, whether at work, home, in a relationship, friendship or own business - often we remain stuck

We fail to move although we can

We fail to seek advice although we could

We fail to want although it takes little effort

There are many words to describe why a person doesn’t do something for themselves

At work, home, relationships, friendship, Self, own business

We name them procrastination, uncertainty, fight-flight-freeze, low value, poor timing

The facts remain the same : we either do, or we don’t

When we find ourselves stuck, we may always return to what we can do, not what we should do or why, how, for whom, when

What we can do is the most important fact of all

Knowing this can be difficult

Finding energy can be difficult

Raising humility can be difficult

You are not alone

The answer lies in support & direction from someone who has been there, knows it, had it, shifted it, shares it & grows from it

Flick the Switch Coaching is all of these things

What can you do ?

You can call, message, email & speak to find your facts & re-purpose

What is not working for you, you would like to change ?

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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