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The Value of Competence

"Wherever you Go. There you Are"

One experience I often find myself coming across in conversations with people, is that surrounding shifts in the performance mindset of both themselves and (for business owners) new employee’s.

The shift derives from the fact a person is aware of their level of ability in a particular role and moves from one position to another, or one business to another, with the assumption, this skill shall continue.

When they are confronted with an inability to meet the expectations of others and provide at the same speed, the ease, effectiveness, managerial duties, productivity or profitability they maintained they could, then opposition sets in and the persons behaviour and those around them is tested.

In both small and large organisations, this may lead to ‘pack mentality’ behaviour which isolates others by distorting, deflecting or ignoring those who do not comply in order to protect themselves from being found out.

As you may guess, the impact is enormous: low staff morale, high turnover and an increasing downward spiral.

For both the individual and the business, the opportunity exists for leadership: and I don’t mean replacement as is often the case, rather recognition and application, afterall “every hiccup has a silver lining” where it matters enough.

When a person recognises their gaps, recognises they are in an open not measured environment, feels valued, included and not judged; then regardless of position (we may never assume the higher you are, the more solid your foundation); regardless of position, encouragement and measurability through clear, concise and relevant benchmarks is always the way forward for everyone. It is a team effort for a team return. Yes even two people make a team !

What was unconscious (natural flow) became conscious (they had to think about it).

What was competent remains competent without impacting the productivity of the business and the team environment.

Allow me to provide a brief overview for better clarification on each attribute:

1. Unconscious Incompetence: is when a person doesn’t know what they don’t know

2. Conscious Incompetence: when a person is willing to learn what they don’t know

3. Conscious Competence: when a person has the knowledge & skills. They know how to utilise their resources for what, where, when, how and with whom

4. Unconscious Competence: when a person knows and does intimately, what needs to be done and does it naturally, without hesitation.

So how do we remedy this where you recognise this exists within your business or yourself ?

Simple actually:

Environment. Structure. Implementation and People are the foundations for all aspects of a working operation. It begins and ends with a persons mindset: where, when, how and to whom they share this mindset for the benefit of all.

Recruitment costs money. Team breakdowns cost money. A business is a reputation. Let us work on helping not hindering.

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