The Value of Competence

"Wherever you Go. There you Are"

One experience I often find myself coming across in conversations with people, is that surrounding shifts in the performance mindset of both themselves and (for business owners) new employee’s.

The shift derives from the fact a person is aware of their level of ability in a particular role and moves from one position to another, or one business to another, with the assumption, this skill shall continue.

When they are confronted with an inability to meet the expectations of others and provide at the same speed, the ease, effectiveness, managerial duties, productivity or profitability they maintained they could, then opposition sets in and the persons behaviour and those around them is tested.

In both small and large organisations, this may lead to ‘pack mentality’ behaviour which isolates others by distorting, deflecting or ignoring those who do not comply in order to protect themselves from being found out.

As you may guess, the impact is enormous: low staff morale, high turnover and an increasing downward spiral.