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To make money you have to spend money….

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The more a business invests in its products, services, people, structure, marketing and advice them etc, the larger the returns, right?

In theory yes.

BUT when a business pushes itself to increase its profits or retain its growth there are hidden expenses we don’t always see and consider.

The biggest hidden expense that often gets neglected, shelved or shrugged off as a short term sacrifice to achieve the ‘greater good’ is….


- Time to work on taking things to the next level

- Time with family

- Time with friends

- Time for yourself

Our view then becomes distorted.

We then see time as a luxury that we don’t have.

So what do we do?

- We work harder.

- We set higher standards and goals we expect ourselves to meet

All to reward ourselves with something we have taken away from our own lives.


Sure, we may achieve our business and personal goals.

People around us take notice, compliment us on our success and admire our drive.

What these people don’t see is the real cost of our drive and success.

And what we often don't acknowledge is what the REAL return on their investment is.

We know our numbers inside and out but I can guarantee most won’t know what their REAL hourly rate is.

Most have a guesstimate or goal rate but by the time they analyse all the intangible costs including time and the emotional cost of success often they are shocked at how far short their real ‘hourly rate’ falls of where they know they need to be.


To help successful businesses owners and entrepreneurs like yourself, get a real 360-degree view of what your success I want to give you free access to Your Real Take-Home Rate calculator. This simple online calculator asks 5 simple questions and will help you understand what Your Real Take-Home Rate is and how much you are potentially missing out on.


This is not something for the faint of heart. The results have often made my clients question why should they continue if this is what their hard work has amounted to.

While ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power.

If you understand where things are not working you have the knowledge you need to improve them and the power to give yourself back time.


Ready to discover Your Real Take-Home Rate?

Ready to learn where to power-up and reduce the expense of chasing profits to live a more abundant life.

Take the quiz now →

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