Using Clarity to Resolve Issues at Work

In business, Managers may utilise communication skills by asking questions to resolve issues.

There has been greater advancements in communication in the past 10 years, than in the previous 100 years that preceded it, purely because we pool all the various methods together to achieve results outside assumption, expectation, title and limited exposure.

We are in a greater position now to bring people together rather than keep them apart and diminish succession, expansion and replacement planning.

There is no place for politics, convenience, seniority or click groups in leadership. Successful leadership thrives on tolerance, attitude and focus. It is not an end-goal, rather a life plan constantly identifying, applying, measuring, amending, reflecting and repeating in order to achieve a result that aligns to all members. Leadership is ‘an’ education not ‘the’ education.

Clarity in communication holds purpose for 3 specific reasons: