Stage.1 Leadership

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

"The level of a persons Leadership ability, determines their level of Effectiveness"

There are many elements to being a Great Leader: the first is to recognise the difference between a Manager and a Leader.

All too often do Managers assume the title and not the demonstration of a true Leader. Leadership is not a title and therefore all too often is it misunderstood, mis-represented and results in a non-constructive/ non-productive and diminished teamwork environment.

One means of coaching is to help identify, apply and measure this attribute and know that a true Leader never claims the right of Leadership, they claim to seek to add Value to others for their Growth, for the business's Growth and because it Matters to them.

Below are some leadership attributes you may consider:

  • management is about maintaining systems and processes: management can maintain direction not change. leaders change by influence

  • true leader based on: character, relationships, knowledge, vision, intuition, experience, past successes, ability.

  • continually investing in leadership development: results in growth over time

  • visualise, strategise, plan, implement, listen: the more detailed, the more effective

  • leaders are forward not backward looking and consider all internal and external factors: timing, culture, opinions, finances, resources, talent, momentum

  • leaders add value by serving others

  • If you want to attract better people, become better yourself

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