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Welcome to the Team (or not)

We all know teamwork is an immediate representation of the culture of the business. People either work together willingly or not. Feel valued or not (you'll need to ask not assume on this one...)

At Flick the Switch Coaching, we discover quickly that whilst fingers are often pointed at team members or the recruitment process for lags; seldom does the finger shine on the process and areas ultimately responsible for creating and leading the culture.

When building a team, how many businesses operate a “Welcome to the Team" manual rather than a handover document. A succession to expansion to exit plan if you will for every new recruit ? 

Sound time consuming ? Then think of the time saved when there is a benchmark and model in place, a literal mentoring program conducive to values, vision, goals, cohesion.

“The ultimate test is not smart decisions during the course of a position, rather how people manage decisions in the wake of your not being in position. How others can sustain success without direction”

When implementing any new strategy system, ensure they:

1. Can be received personally

2. Can be repeated easily

3. Can be transferred strategically

“Systems allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably” : Michael Gerber

When developing a Team, focus on developing the following: John R Wooden

Explanation. Demonstration. Initiation. Correction. Repetition.

1. Say what you need to people to know and do

2. Show them what you need to people to know and do

3. Let them show you what you need to people to know and do

4. Ask them to change what they are doing incorrectly

5. Ask them to do it right over and over again

I ask as this is more than time management, more than leveraging the essence of great network marketing, more than having a business or entertaining the idea and thinking it is too overwhelming.

Actually it is simple. Actually it aligns with Purpose: Who to How

Identification is merely having a clear vision of the Environment a business seeks to provide. A Structure for provision. Implementation on how and People who benefit. All are entwined with the original Vision, Values, Goals. Congruency.

How do you wish your business and your role to be remembered ?

If you found a solution that required just a simple tweak, would it be worthwhile investigating

How would your businesses Environment look in 1 month, 6 months, 3 years with a shift in team dynamics ?

If you’ve got the purpose - I’ve got the way forward !

What would that give you and your employee's : at work, home, relationships

How would it shift your business productivity and purpose

The way forward is much easier than we think

If it matters to You : it matters to Me

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