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Training v Coaching v Mentoring

“You cannot Give what you do not Have"

From a business perspective, there can be a massive distortion between what is assumed and what is opportunity. In either case, the person deciding typically is protecting themselves and what they might offer or how they perceive the business to be ie: "everything is under control"

The reality, is how things actually are. The difference, is what is actually done.

The opportunity, is the direction. The significance, is the person who decides.

Training teaches.

Training facilitation is often utilised as a means to an end, or a tickbox assumed solution. Many business assume that because they spent money it is now up to the individuals to undertake the tasks they were advised.

Training tells people.

Coaching seeks to understand.

Coaching facilitation focuses on behaviours, attitudes and mindsets that hold people back from achieving their desired outcome. In all cases, this evolves from people not aligning with their core Values, what is Important to them, what Matters to them and what their Beliefs are. In business, this means knowing your employee's and aligning the values of the business with those of the individual. You cannot grow in both if only one is prioritised, something has to give.

Coaching focuses on the 'Environment' (business culture & individuals mindset), What Structures are in place, How these are Implemented and Where this serves People.

Coaching serves people.

Leadership, Growth, Teamwork, Failure, Pain, Relationships, Anxiety, Uncertainty, Motivation - all are best assisted with Effective Coaching.

Mentoring streamlines Process.

Mentoring is most effective when the elements of Coaching (environment, structure, implementation and people) are identified and a system of measurement or benchmarking is established. Mentoring does not tell a person what to do, it supports, adds-value, focuses on strengths, advice, temperament, planning and measurement, modelling and benchmarking.

Mentoring serves people.

Ultimately whether a business owner, manager or team member; we seek self-value, balance, inclusion, growth, reputation, legacy, support and realisation. We seek acknowledgement, validation and appreciation. This is a fundamental human trait regardless who, where or when.

Assisting people in business & life is my speciality. I would be honoured to assist yours.

Send me a message and we may arrange a time to talk: obligation free.

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