What is Success to You ?

For many it means : work, marriage, children, mortgage & one family holiday a year

It means working with what you’ve got hoping that something will change: the salary, position or workplace, or the home : small changes created by more time spent outside the people, places & passions you love in order to hopefully provide for those people, places & passions you crave.

Where is health ?

Where is happiness ?

What will this look like to you in 5 years time from now

- the same or worse health, diminished happiness & the same job or one like it ???

When do You prioritise You ?

For me, this was the exact reason why something needed to change, I had had a marriage breakdown, an emotional breakdown, an unfulfilled constant desire to get ahead, do more for others & myself, that seemed to be constantly brick walled by others.

I craved doing something for myself, was encouraged & felt like I had run out of excuses or reasons or options to step forward and back myself.

I recognised if I remained where I was, I would simply be older doing the same thing for a similar organisation with similar experiences & that was not a life I wanted for myself, nor did I want it as the legacy & example for my boys.

My Why was to reconnect valuable time with my children, myself, my passions, have a relationship that gave as much as it received, be healthy, provide more to raise the experiences of others and actually be happy.

Since making the step a year ago, so much has changed, my vision board if you will, has been presenting opportunities, people, places and new purposes constantly. I have the same concerns as I did before however I handle them in vastly different ways and all people around me are supportive, encouraging, ideas people.

Time, finances, passions, children, a home is a constant growing Gratitude

What is Success to You ?

If you are doing something that is not working, consider changing it

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The Goal of the individual, as with a business matter

The values consistently remain the foundation, the greatest form of measurement and reflection.

No consistency in actions and behaviours means Values were ignored, avoided or justifi