Why Pause When Moving Forward

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. Follow quiet reflection, with more effective action"

Video below:

It is one thing to be hell bent on achieving results, however what happens when we lose sight of how we achieve those results.

As a business owner or a manager, MD or chief management, what happens when our ‘pursuit for happiness’ comes at the expense of others…?

How do we take stock.

Surely it isn’t when we realise everyone is leaving and we’re the only one standing ?

Surely it isn’t the adage “they weren’t the right for our culture” when perhaps they were exactly what was required ?

To grow is more than just to profit

To grow is to consider and value, and we cannot do that, if we do not reflect, benchmark, include and model on relevant examples.

In essence, to grow is to take people with you

Growth doesn’t just happen: create a plan

If you focus on goals you may achieve goals but not growth: if you focus on growth you will grow and achieve goals.

Externally: you grow by including others and learning how to work with people

Internally: you change the way you approach personal growth

We grow when we reflect upon and apply the following:

stop thinking more work, focus on what worksstop thinking can I (limitation), focus on how can I (opportunity)believe in your potential and persevere: don’t give in, use failures to learn and growstop thinking one option, focus on multiple options: increase capacity by introducing more