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Coaching Simplified:

Coaching provides a simple, effective, structured, clear, concise and relevant means for an individual or a business to identify, acknowledge and realise setbacks and grow through forward momentum.

Appointments offer a sincere, professional, judgment free relationship helping individuals remove barriers, resolve issues, define parameters, benchmark results and achieve their goals.

Business Consulting & Mentoring examples:

  • Leadership & Management development: identifying functional and dysfunctional elements to ascending leadership models for effective management development and team cohesion, amplifying productivity and growth.

  • Productivity development: learning how to manage setbacks and create a growth mindset

  • Internal development: effectively identify & develop the right candidate for the right role

  • Recruitment: effectively identify & measure external candidates before the interview process begins

  • Legacy development: create a Business Succession & Expansion Plan

  • Teamwork development: create new strategies for effective communication, accountability and teamwork development

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Personal Growth Coaching examples:

  • Remove limiting beliefs, remove phobias & dislikes

  • Remove barriers, procrastinations & excuses

  • Recognise self-Value, feel empowerment, create focus & achieve goals

  • Identify and operate from Purpose

Relationship Coaching examples:​

  • Reduce arguments, opposition, fears, headaches and heartaches

  • Improve understanding and growth through communication, compassion, consideration, cooperation, consistency

  • Return to a family life & happier children

Accountability is key: 

If you are Committed to change. I am Committed to You.

The only time change occurs is when it Matters enough.

The only focus one may strive toward is: How will you feel, what will you see, what will you be telling yourself, when you reach your Goal ?

There is no point in stating a goal, if commitment and discipline are assumed and not enacted. 

"One does not aim to climb a mountain by remaining on the sofa"

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